S2. Where AI chat is used

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Session 2 - Outline for Students

Review of Session 1 Final Exercise 'Song + Image to Video'. In Session 1 a song creation app such as Suno.AI was briefly looked at, as well as AI Art tools. As stated in the end of lesson exercise, combining these two into a video, complete with subtitles for the lyrics, is the ideal endpoint. If you have not already, see the example video embedded at the end of Session 1. This was assembled using a tool called Runway runwayml.com/ which is a subscription tool. Here is a great place to discuss that.

If you are in a face-to-face class this is also a good time for people (if they wish) to say briefly what they managed to do with AI since the last session.

Introduction to Session 2. The current generation of AI based 'Chat' tools are already extremely powerful. Do not be misled by the fact that they can make silly mistakes, or that they can invent things and then confidently assert they are real. When prompted correctly they can provide expert level answers and solve difficult problems in logic and mathematics. In terms of capability they are not at all the same as the voice based tools we have had around our houses for many years.

They are also in their infancy and are improving at exponential speed behind the scenes. You will soon be talking to an intelligence that far exceeds our own and which moves at speed.

If possible experience an AI Chat tool live. If there is a suitable device available try talking to Hume: demo.hume.ai/

Remember. If you decide to use a free AI chat tool then it is probably free because it is nowhere near as good as the paid version from the same supplier, which itself is nowhere as good as the next one they have nearly completed inhouse and have not yet released. So if you find errors do not think that it means AI is no good.

A. Useful things to do with an 'AI Chat' tool

In a later section below we will look at the different ways AI Chat is delivered, for example text, voice and through wearable devices

Here we ask one AI Chat tool, Chat GPT from OpenAI a series of questions to see a little of what is possible. Note that we are suggesting claude.ai as an excellent way to try a free tool (at March 2024).

A1. AI for gardening advice

Simple questions like this show just a fraction of what AI can offer.

ChatGPT gardening tip

Or you can even enter an image and a question like this.

garden image

Prompt: "As an expert gardener please describe all plants and trees you see in this image." The answer is not given here but it is quite long and detailed. Do try this with your garden, if you have one.

A2. AI for exercise advice

You can ask AI to be your coach.

ChatGPT exercise question
ChatGPT exercise advice

A3. AI for learning a language

See how easily AI switches between languages.

ChatGPT language example

A4. AI for complaining politely

If you know in outline what you want to say, AI will do the rest.

ChatGPT request for a draft
ChatGPT draft letter

A5. AI as a do-it-yourself advisor

Whatever the problem, AI has a suggestion.

ChatGPT advice about radiators

A6. AI for crosswords and puzzles

Whenever you get stuck, AI is worth asking.

ChatGPT solves a clue

A7. AI for inspiration

AI is great at finding the right words.

ChatGPT finds some quotations

A8. AI for medical advice

You need to be particularly careful with this one obviously. Nevertheless, AI can be helpful in filling that space where a problem is not bad enough to go immediately to the Doctor but it still needs thinking about.

ChatGPT gives medical advice

A9. AI for travel

Wherever you are going, AI has already been there.

ChatGPT as a travel guide

A10. AI for research

Need an answer to the question that has been bothering you?

ChatGPT explains the fall of the Roman Empire

A11. AI for quick legal advice

Need somewhere to start on how to deal with that annoying legal problem? You should always double check anything AI says but it can often provide a useful reference or law for you then to go online and examine.

illegal parking on your land question

illegal parking on your land answer

A12. AI for technical support

Not only does AI start with a very broad grasp of all things technical and scientific, it can go online in a few seconds and research anything you need. If you were trying to do this yourself with a traditional search engine, you would still be looking at the search results and trying to wade through the adverts when the AI has already summarised them. Of course, always double-check the answers from AI as some answers may be fictional! Note. The information given here has NOT been checked.

tech support question

tech support answer

A14. AI for anything. Whatever your latest hobby or fad! Here it is growing lentil seeds to sprouts.

growing lentil seeds

B. The ways that 'AI Chat' tools are accessed.

For most people their main experience of using AI Chat (also called AI Conversation) tools is in one of three ways:

a. Customer support systems, either online or by phone.
b. Home devices like the Amazon Alexa
c. On phone helpers

There will shortly be AI Assistants in every aspect of life, and these will be interacted with in many ways.

B1. Text and media in, text and media out.

All examples above were provided by the OpenAI 'ChatGPT 4' tool and are the first responses to the questions asked. Some of the suggestions are no doubt imperfect or just plain wrong. At the moment you need some care and experience to get best value from any such tool.

OpenAI is one of the leading companies in the field. ChatGPT4 is their subscription service as at March 2024. They also offer free access (at this time) to the previous version though naturally that is less capable.

Most AI Chat tools on computer, tablet or phone now allow you to not only type in a question but to also add a photo or other images in the first example above where a picture of a garden was part of the query. There are also some new approaches. Many aim at a future where traditional computing is no longer needed.

B2. AI Wearables

The concept of 'A wearable' is an item that is carried on your body, whether part of your clothes, as jewelry, as a headset. It has strong AI and contains one or more cameras, a microphone and speakers as well as other sensors. Sometimes it has intelligence 'onboard' and at other times it works through a cloud connection to intelligence.

In some cases the 'wearable' has very comprehensive capability. Others are simple 'AI Assistants' doing things like search and navigation. Some simply record the wearer's life for later analysis. Here are a few examples.

Humane's AI Pin

Meta's Smart Glasses

The Rabbit R1


C. Power Prompting.

This is where it is useful to discuss how creating more complex prompts can improve the performance of AI tools. Also how to recognise when a chat tool is being 'lazy' and how to overcome that. Finally, a good reason to be polite to your chat tools.

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Future discussions. In Session 4 we look in detail at some additional things chat tools are useful for, including writing fiction. We also look at some of the ways such tools are created and what that tells us about how to use them.

End of session tasks.

A. Group campaign letters. This can be on any topic as the group prefers - but a suggestion:

Is there something the Group members think should happen to improve local community awareness of and competence in AI? Should the 'council' or other authority be making resources available? Should schools be acting more positively to AI? What else might the Group achieve?