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See also: for general information.
Prompt guide: for writing prompts.

Artist styles: Third party site suggesting artist styles. Be careful not to use any styles that might be subject to copyright claims.

Midjourney is a small company who have quickly become a leading provider of AI for image creation and more. There is no need to get a paid subscription to any AI service to complete this course (and we earn nothing in any case from subscription links). Most of the banner images you see at the top of pages on this website are generated by Midjourney.

1. The Showcase Feature If you click on 'Showcase' on the main website page you should see a lot of images created using Midjourney. This is currently available even if you do not have a paid subscription

Midjourney showcase

This is actually a great resource because you can click on any image and see the details of the prompt that generated it, as in this example. Do not be surprised if the initial prompts shown do not seem to be clearly connected to the final image shown here. Often people get an effect they like and continue to make variations that leave little of the original idea.

Midjourney showcase example with prompt

2. Documentation on prompts and styles and more. Links have been provided at the top of the page to let you explore the extensive documentation available for Midjourney. Take time to see the wide range of things this tool can do.

3. Subscription details. If you do decide to register as a user following the course then the 'join the beta' button will take you to a page with an invite to the 'Midjourney Discord'. Discord is a very popular online tool for group communication and Midjourney use it to deliver their service to the mass market.

Note that Midjourney have started to move away from Discord to allow direct access to their own website, so do not be surprised if the information below changes.

Midjourney showcase example with prompt

Before long Midjourney will probably be offering a sign-up option through their own website, so always view their online information for the latest situation.

At the moment Midjourney use is by way of a paid subscription which costs USD12 (USD 10 + VAT) or about £9.79 monthly. Note. Never commit to an annual subscription to any AI tool as at present there may soon be a competitor offering a better product or a cheaper service.

The image below shows the least expensive Midjourney plan with an indication of the levels of use it allows. Most domestic or small business users would be fine with this. There used to be an ability for a period of free trial use but lately they have had such high demand that has not been available.

Midjourney plan

The home page of the Midjourney website looks like this at the moment.

Midjourney home