AI Tools - Anthropic's Claude

prompt guide: Introduction to prompting for Claude
prompt optimiser: Prompt engineering for Claude
The Anthropic Claude 3 release note

Anthropic are the developers of Claude which is a family of large language models, currently (March 2024) at Claude 3. One of their models is FREE TO USE and still powerful. Below is how to get access.

1. Setting up an account.

1.1 As at 10th March 2024 the process is: go to the Claude website (link above) and you arrive at this page that requests an email address (with alternative to use GMail account etc).

sign on for Claude

1.2 A code is emailed to you to confirm the email address. On the next screen you must supply a mobile number. If you have a UK number then start your entry with +44 followed by your number without the initial 0 of course.

sign on stage 2 for Claude

1.3 Hopefully you have now successfully gained entry and you have the following screen. The first question is for your name but this isn't part of the registration process so you can happily give a false name here to use during your interactions.

Claude asking your name

1.4 For example, here you can see what was used here when setting up this account.

Claude terms page

1.5 Do read the disclaimers carefully as they reflect many of the teaching points in this course about working with this kind of AI tool.

Claude disclaimers page

2. The FREE Claude 3 Sonnet model.

2.1 The following is the start page for working with Claude. At the bottom is the important note. Their most powerful model Opus is available only by subscription. You can use Sonnet however for free, and Sonnet is pretty good!

Claude page mentioning Opus and Sonnet

2.2 Here is Claude Sonnet responding to a question about how it works.

Claude page describing itself

2.3 For interest, the Claude Opus subscription details are below (as of March 2024). There is no need to move away from the FREE option for the purposes of the course though.

Claude Opus prices