Session 5. Outline for Students

a. Overview of this Session - 'Self-driving cars, humanoid robots and AI assistive technology'

b. Interesting items posted on X (Twitter)

c. Student AI experience during week.
Also briefing on ongoing U3A AI monthly meetings (first Wed of month 4pm):
- updates on general AI news
- production of AI generated content with option to place on radio station
'Sodbury and Yate AI radio' which also draws music from
'ten minute micro-programmes'

d. Self-driving Cars.
- trad programming beaten by neural nets
- view video of Tesla's Full Self Driving
- the scale of Tesla's advantage (Google's Waymo, GM's Cruise)
- Tesla Robotaxi Cybercab announcement 8th August 2024

e. Many many humanoid robots.
- when AI meets robotics (similarity to self-driving)
- more humanoid robots than Smartphones, price of £10,000 to £20,000
- possible future example: Robots as personal trainers
- possible future example: Robots as carers
- video of the many suppliers of humanoid robots
(Optimus, Figure, Digit, Unitree, 1X, Sanctuary)

f. AI Assistive Technology.
- importance of free Chat GPT4o like systems
- need to ensure urgency in society
- AI to aid those with sight issues
- AI to aid those with memory issues
- potential power of an 'AI Aware community'

g. Mention of final session content - AI Ethics and AI Futures