Session 1. Outline for Students

a. Purpose of course and the significance of the 'home page' quotations.
b. Introduce yourself (students).
c. The six sessions (while noting the page top banners).

d. Quick look at the frequently asked questions (FAQ).
e. Session 1 overview - the basic skills of AI Art.
f. Reasons for producing AI Art.

g. Introducing Midjourney and reasons for its use in course.
h. From 'Midjourney page' see Showcase page and 'picture to prompt'.
i. Brief look at Midjourney documentation and prompt guides.
j. Look at third party artist styles page.

k. Evolving an image - the first prompt and the results.
l. Typical basic controls - U upsizing and V versioning.
m. Effect of styles.
n. Adding text to image.
o. Changing just part of an image.
p. Expanding image outwards.

q. Brief look at Diffusion as one way images produced.

r. Brief mention of how Session 3 extends Session 1.
s. Look at Art Tools page and the different ways tools are marketed.
Look at DreamStudio as having free credits and Leonardo as a free option.
Discussion of general inclusion of Art Tools in search engines and many other places.

t. Opportunity to use own iPads or PCs etc or to use course access to Midjourney.
u. AI Art challenges.
v. Reminder of Session 2 content using 'AI conversation' tools.